Grand Iftar for the Needy 2024

Ramadan is an Islamic month in which fasting is obligatory for all Muslims. The month of Ramadan is also a month to look forward because it is known as a month full of privileges and blessings.

Prophet SAW said which mean:

“Indeed, the month of Ramadan has come to you (with other advantages): A month full of blessings, God made fasting obligatory upon you, the gates of Heaven were opened, the gates of Hell were locked, Satan was shackled (so as not to disturb the people of Muhammad SAW from performing various acts of worship) , in it is the Night of Qadr which is a night better than a thousand months. Whoever is not given good deeds that night, then indeed he is not given good deeds” – (Riwayat An-Nasaie)

Among the prescribed wisdom of fasting is to feel the hardship and suffering of the poor. The hunger of fasting will make the heart more touched by the hardships of others. Therefore, taking advantage of this blessed month of Ramadhan, GPM had conducted Grand Iftar For The Needy which is iftar ceremony together with the Palestinian community and asnaf from the indigenous community. GIFTN is one of the annual activities carried out by the Global Peace Mission during the month of Ramadan. This event aims to celebrate and share sustenance with those who are less able in this blessed month of Ramadhan.

This year, GIFTN was held at Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur. This event started with a Round Table Discussion session with representatives of FGIS (Friendship Group of Inter-faith Service) which consists of various religions and communities. The RTD was conducted in the Glass Hall of Masjid Jamek and was chaired by Mr. Ahmad Fahmi bin Mohd Samsudin, President of Global Peace Mission Malaysia. Various current issues that have been examined and discussed especially religious issues such as the issue of socks at KK Mart that happened recently.

After Asar, Masjid Jamek KL was filled with approximately 150 people from the Palestinian and Orang Asli communities. The GIFTN 2024 ceremony was also brightened up with the World Quran Hour session at the Jamek Mosque’s Main Prayer Hall. All participants involved in the recitation of the Quran from Qori Harith Hakim then followed with tadabbur Quran session by Ustaz Shamsul.

During iftar session, nasi Arab was the main dish in this GIFTN ceremony accompanied by other snacks such as cakes and fruits. Smiles appear on their faces while they enjoy the food that has been served. Following that, there was a “duit raya” session to all the participants. Inadvertently, it will lessen their burden and assist them in getting ready to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Overall, GIFTN 2024 was ran smoothly and successfully.  GPM are delighted to be able to share their sustenance with each other and build relations with the Asnaf and the Palestinian community. Islam teaches us to share the blessings of sustenance with other people. May our effort be accepted by Allah SWT, by remembering and lending a hand to those in need.

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