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Celebrating Eid Fitr with the Somali Community

On May 13, 2024, the Somali community in Idaman, Gombak, came together to celebrate Eid Fitr. This joyous occasion was marked by the participation of key figures, including the CEO of GPM, the CEO of Youth Empowerment Support (YES), and the Principal of the YES Centre School.

The celebration was not just about festivity but also about showing solidarity and support to the less fortunate. The event focused on providing aid to refugee families living in the area. These efforts were part of a broader initiative aimed at ensuring that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, could enjoy the happiness and blessings of Eid.

Celebrating Eid Fitr with the Refugee Community

In a parallel celebration, a separate event was organized for the refugee community residing at Idaman Apartment. This event was particularly special as it targeted 20 refugee families, providing them with much-needed financial assistance. The aid distributed was categorized into two groups: RM300 for 10 families and RM400 for another 10 families. This financial support aimed to ease their burden and help them celebrate Eid with dignity and joy.

Activities and Aid Distribution

The celebration included several meaningful activities. Volunteers and organizers carried out house visits, which served as an opportunity to connect with the families personally and understand their needs better. These visits also allowed the families to feel included and supported by the broader community.

Additionally, cash assistance was provided directly to the families, ensuring they had the means to celebrate Eid. This direct financial support was a crucial aspect of the event, as it gave the families the autonomy to use the money according to their specific needs and preferences.

The YES Centre in Idaman, Gombak, also played a pivotal role in the festivities. Here, the focus was on the students and their families, with 50 students being the primary beneficiaries. The aid provided included lunch packs and a special Eid celebration meal. These meals were more than just food; they were a symbol of care and community spirit.

The activities at the YES Centre included sharing sessions where students, parents, and teachers could express their thoughts and experiences. These sessions fostered a sense of community and provided a platform for everyone to share their stories, thus strengthening the bonds within the community.

Both events, whether with the Somali community or the refugee families, underscored the importance of compassion and community support during festive seasons. The celebrations were a testament to the commitment of organizations like GPM and YES in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

The program’s success was evident in the smiles and gratitude of the beneficiaries. It highlighted that celebrations like Eid Fitr are not just about personal joy but also about spreading happiness and support to those around us. GPM’s ongoing dedication to contributing to the needs of the community ensures that such events will continue to bring joy and relief to many more families in the future.

These initiatives reinforce the idea that festivals and celebrations can serve as powerful tools for social support and community building. By including everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society.


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