About Us

The Research Development and Advocacy (READ) division was established in September 2023 by GPM with a primary objective of enhancing the depth of knowledge within the field of humanitarianism. This specialized division is committed to facilitate the practical application of knowledge and fostering discussions on various concepts and challenges related to the humanitarian sector. The READ division is dedicated to offer comprehensive insights into the world of humanitarian, aiming to be all-encompassing and inclusive in its coverage of this vital sector. It strives to provide a holistic understanding of humanitarian efforts by delving into various aspects and issues within this field.

Our Vision

To become a hub of references and information on humanitarian issues and activities across the organizations and society and further contribute to the sustainability of GPM collaborative ecosystem.

Our Mission

Driving the process of innovation in GPM to address current and future challenges on humanitarian sector.

Develop funding collection for GPM through academic writing, grants, module training and benchmarking.

Generates intellectual documents and develop the knowledge in GPM for more just and inclusive society.

READ is a department that is responsible for conducting research, developing new insight from any humanitarian issues, processes, project and advocacy for Global Peace Mission Malaysia..
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