Cultivating Compassion: Grand Iftar Rahmah by Global Peace Mission Malaysia

By: GPM Humanitarian Affairs and Redevelopment Department

Amidst the bustling streets of Buku Jalanan Chow Kit (BJCK), Kuala Lumpur, on the evening of 24th March 2024, a sense of warmth and unity enveloped the air as Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia organized the Grand Iftar Rahmah. With a team of dedicated officers and volunteers from Pusat Asasi UM, alongside 150 attendees including students, facility operators, and esteemed guests, the event aimed to embody the spirit of Ramadan by extending kindness to the underprivileged.


The Grand Iftar Rahmah was an effort to its Iftar For The Needy (IFTN) campaign. Beyond merely providing sustenance, the event sought to foster a sense of community, encourage charitable giving, and instill a spirit of empathy among participants.

The event served as a platform for strengthening cooperation between the community and volunteers, promoting unity, and nurturing a sense of social responsibility. Volunteers from educational institutions immersed themselves in activities that cultivated empathy and a deeper understanding of community-related issues, thereby fostering a generation of compassionate leaders.

The evening commenced with a shared meal of chicken rice, prepared by the collaborative efforts of GPM officers, volunteers, and BJCK staff. Following the meal, attendees engaged in a meaningful discussion about the significance of Ramadan and sensitivities surrounding global issues, particularly the plight of Palestinians. Subsequently, iftar food was distributed directly to the guests, accompanied by the heartfelt gesture of giving duit raya to BJCK students.

The Grand Iftar Rahmah proved instrumental in providing students with exposure to the spirit of volunteering, cultivating empathy, and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the community. By participating in the event, young individuals were afforded the opportunity to engage in activities that promoted social awareness and gratitude, ultimately contributing to their personal growth and development.



As the event drew to a close, the words of the speakers resonated deeply, reminding attendees of the importance of empathy and compassion, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Through initiatives like the Grand Iftar Rahmah, GPM continues to exemplify the principles of unity, charity, and social responsibility, embodying the spirit of Ramadan and inspiring positive change within society.

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